Cioccolata . . . . and Other Delicious Things

Chocolate Cake Swirl 1

Indulgence - Salad 1

Indulgence - Irish Cream Cheesecake Strawberry 1

Indulgence - Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberry 2The above are all available at Indulgence Pastry Shop & Cafe in Mishawaka, IN.  I love clean lines and white space in food photography.  But sometimes you just want atmosphere . . .

Pasta Bake with Breadstick

Salad Sandwich Breadsticks 1

Bacon Hoagie Sandwich 1

Veggie Pizza on Wood Carving Board

The above were all shot at Pizza Transit in Niles, MI.  A family-owned business, this pizzeria is a much-loved regional staple in Italian fare.

And the following I couldn’t resist sharing . . . I mean, look at that thing!  A true work of art.  (Anyone born in the 80s is nodding their head.)

Ninja Turtle Raphael Birthday Cake

Baby shower cupcakes . . .

Baby Shower Cupcake

And some of my favorite food – homemade fish tacos and hand-breaded chicken drumsticks with Russet mashed potatoes.  (Don’t judge; the Christmas plate was the only thing that would fit that hot mess.)

Fish Taco 1

Chicken Fried Dinner 1

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