Posts for 2012


Happy New Year!

Winter . . . Are You Ever Coming Back to Michigan?

Best Day of the Year!

Appalachian What Now?

Hey Cirrus, What’s Your Sign?

What’s For Dinner?


My Date With A Moose

It Ain’t Disneyland . . .

February Special – 25% Off!

Birthdays For Adults

Jack Frost

Amazing Summer Storm

Homemade Fish Tacos

A Personal Snapshot

Dasha and Sarge, the GSDs

Cuteness of the Feline Persuasion

A Purple Pack for Picking Pernicious Peaks to exPlore

Oil Painting on the Cheap

The Splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains


A Dirty Street in Chicago

Early Spring Storm

Nothing Earth-Shattering Here

The Quivering Moment of Anticipation – Or What Every Kid Already Knows

A Precocious Pup

I Spy

I Hear That Spring’s A Comin’, A Comin’ ‘Round The Bend

Spring Celebration Mini Package!


Sneak Peek – Matt & Tasha’s Wedding

My Favorite Kiss

My Easter Lillies Are Not Happy With This Snow – and More Wedding Pics

It’s a Nice Day For A . . . White Wedding

The Mark of an Excellent Wedding

A Few Finishing Touches

It Is The Nature Of Babies To Be In Bliss

I’ll Take A Slice!

One of My Favorite Four-Legged Shots


Scents of Spring

Chicken Fried . . . Frog

Yummiest Root Beer This Side of the Mississippi

Sniff Sniff – I See You!

Just A Barn

GSD Triptych

Rhododendrons and Mountain Men

A Walk in the Woods

Springtime Self-Portrait

Phases of Kitty

Pot Stands and Poison Ivy

Ben Benvie Rocks My Socks Off

Baby Montage!


The Next 6 Months of My Life


Matters of the Heart


Slices of Summer

Stormy Donkey

Splish Splash Collage

What the Hell is a Gigawatt?!


Spider Bite of Flesh-Eating Staph?

Herding Chickens

A Married Portrait

A Wee Bit of Bragging

Don’t Be Telling Me About Foot Massages


Autumn Preview


Glam Rock Chicken

The Splendor of Umami Autumn

Misophonia – One More Lip Smack and I’m Getting a Steak Knife

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