Spider Bite 1

Spider Bite or Flesh-Eating Staph?

I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate.  But my leg hurts and frankly at this point it’s pissing me off.

A few weeks back, around Monday or Tuesday the 9th or 10th, I noticed that there was, let’s say, an irregularity behind my left knee.  It wasn’t painful, it wasn’t hot, and it wasn’t memorable enough for me to keep an eye on it.  I definitely remember shaving that Tuesday evening and being careful of the area, but I think I subconsciously assumed it was a mosquito bite.

Wednesday the 11th was the memorial service for my husband’s grandfather in Chicago, and after the service we visited REI (weird, yes, but we’re hikers and don’t often get into the city) and while in the dressing room I noticed that this nothing had definitely turned into something.  I had a red area about 2 inches long and maybe an inch wide – a red oval – on the back of my left knee.  I realized it didn’t feel terrific bending my knee all the way and it hurt a bit to the touch.  Pointed it out to my husband and since I’m never sick or otherwise terribly injured, we kind of put it out of our minds.

Thursday dawned and I had difficulty the whole day bending my leg and this area was growing hot.  Friday dawned and it hurt to put weight on my leg, so I secured some crutches from my folks.  Come Saturday, when we met with his extended family for a pool party/long overdue get-together, I was hobbling around on crutches, trying to keep it elevated and trying to keep from bending it at all.  It had become a giant welt extending about 4 inches around the back of my knee, as wide as it was long, with a nasty, crusty, very purple center.

Those blue circles indicate where the doctor at the walk-in clinic marked the limit of the rash.  This progression is about 2 1/2 days time, and I ended up deleting some of the more recent photos which looked worse than this.

The doctor gave me a variation of penicillin and I can’t say it’s helped a wink.  I spent about 5 days down in the Smokies with my husband and his parents (we’ve been back just over a week) and I did my best to keep my leg from bending, not too much walking, and took my penicillin daily.  The sore faded away and the top layer of skin came off like a sunburn.  It was no longer hot by the end of the trip, it wasn’t swollen (though my ankle was like crazy), I could walk on it and I thought I was recovering.

But today is Wednesday, and it’s been getting worse for the last 3 days.  The outside of my knee is becoming tender again, the whole area is becoming red again, and it’s painful and hot.  No crazy purple stuff has come back but I’m keeping an eye out, especially because the darkness in the very crease of my leg never went away.

I hate to shell out more money for a second opinion but if this is more serious than a bug bite that won’t heal, then I’d be a fool to not do something.  This is a combination rant and plea for help and advice, so if any of my readers have any ideas about this kind of thing I would be very grateful for your input!

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One thought on “Spider Bite or Flesh-Eating Staph?

  1. Hello my wife has a rash/infection that looks almost exactly the same and in the same location. Did you ever determine what caused this?

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